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Nonfiction Text Structures Anchor Chart

Monday, June 30, 2014
Nonfiction text structures can be a daunting ELA topic to tackle in upper elementary classrooms.  I remember the first time I saw it on the fifth grade state standards a few years back.  (It was my first year coteaching in fifth grade, and I had worked with kindergarten and first grade ELLs the previous couple of years.) Whoa! I felt like a deer caught in headlights! The fifth grade teacher was hoping that I had a grand idea for teaching this topic, and I didn't want to let her down, so I decided to embrace it. It was a bit rough that first year, but I've come to really enjoy teaching text structures!
Nonfiction Text Structures Anchor Chart... focusing on signal words!
The clipboard was a FREEBIE! by Charlotte's Clips!  So cute and crisp!
The text structure clipart is by Aim Less Daze.

From my experience, these are the three key components to teaching text structures in the upper elementary grades:

  1. Use visuals for each text structure (like the ones above)!  Students who understand and can explain how the graphic is related to the text structure almost always understand the concept of text structures overall.
  2. Read several passages together as a class.  This is a skill in which some students will need lots of guided practice!
  3. Have students write their own paragraphs using each text structure.  This seems to be the best way for students to internalize the various structures!

I recently created a free and complete text structure lesson, and wrote a blog post about it. Click HERE to check out the post and download the FREE 23-page printable resource!

Finally, I want to point out the incredible text structure graphics! They were designed by the talented Jena Flanagan by Aim Less Daze.  Aren't they awesome?!?  I contacted her and asked her to consider designing this set for me, and I sent her a very crude set of drawings! (I could only dream of being as talented as she is!) If you would like to purchase this set, click here! I colored the images on my anchor chart by hand because I was in a coloring sort of mood (and my daughter Brooke wanted me to sit down and color with her!), but the set Jena sent me had blackline images as well as color images (the posters below will give you an idea what her color set looks like)!

These are some of my matching products:

Text Structures Flipbook- This resource includes practice passages and lesson plans!

Teach your students about nonfiction text structures with this PowerPoint. It emphasizes signal words.

Or, if you are interested in checking out a bundle of resources, just click on one of the images below.

I designed this bundle with third-grade students in mind:

I designed this bundle with fourth through sixth grade students in mind.
If you are looking for resources to teach your students about nonfiction text structures, be sure to check out this bundle. It is filled with engaging activities!

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  1. Deb, this anchor chart is amazing! I love the graphics that were made just for you. I'd want to look at this anchor chart all day if I were in your class!

  2. I love your photos of you and your family! I too wish I could slow time down. I am so thankful to have the summer to be with my boys. I do need some time to work on my repertoire of anchor charts though! Thanks for the reminder. :)

    Mrs. Spangler in the Middle

  3. Where can I find a link to purchase the graphics for the chart? I love the design!

    1. It's by Jena Flanagan of Aim Less Daze! Here's the link:


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