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Generalizations Anchor Chart (includes FREEBIE!)

Monday, November 3, 2014

Do you have school on Veterans Day?  Here in my area, I don't know of any school district that cancels school in order to recognize Veterans Day.  Therefore, when national holidays like Veterans Day fall on a day that school is in session, I enjoy trying to find a way to relate as many of the day's lessons as possible to the holiday. In terms of English Language Arts, why not link up Veterans Day with teaching students how to recognize GENERALizations in spoken conversations or written documents?
Here's how I do it:

Before class, I create the "base" anchor chart.
Generalizations Anchor Chart... this blog post also includes a FREE worksheet!
Clip art by Educasong.

I fold the bottom section up and tape it so that only the top part of the anchor chart
is visible to begin with.
Generalizations Anchor Chart... this blog post also includes a FREE worksheet!
 After a brief discussion about the definition listed, I point out the signal words that are often found in generalization statements.  I enlist students to help me think of generalization statements related to veterans and Veterans Day that I can write in this area of the chart.

Finally, I reveal the section about faulty generalizations.
Generalizations Anchor Chart... this blog post also includes a FREE worksheet!
We spend quite a bit of time discussing examples of how finding just one solitary exception can make a generalization faulty.  We also discuss why it is important to avoid these statements when writing expository or research papers unless we can absolutely prove that the statement is a fact.

Feel free to use this related FREEBIE worksheet with your students!  It includes the materials you need to replicate the anchor chart.
FREE generalizations worksheet! Check out this blog post that shares an anchor chart idea as well!

Finally, I have a PowerPoint and a matching craftivity that I created for teaching my students about generalizations.  Check them out if you want!

Teaching students about generalizations? Check out this PowerPoint! It tells the difference between generalizations, facts, and opinions, and differentiates valid and faulty generalizations

The craftivity focuses on valid vs. faulty generalizations.
Generalizations Craftivity! Students will remember identifying faulty and valid generalizations!

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