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Contractions (not just for early elementary!) Two FREE games!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Contractions... this is one of those skills that shocked me when I became a teacher. I started my career teaching second grade, and I had no idea that some students found contractions to be so challenging.  They had always made total sense to me. When I took my ESL endorsement classes, I learned that ELLs often struggle with contractions because English is one of the few languages that use contractions. I was surprised again when I moved into teaching positions involving the upper elementary grades and found that some students still did not understand basic contractions.  Furthermore, several students did not understand that some contractions can mean multiple things!  ("They'd" can represent "they would" or "they had".)

A week ago, a past third grade teacher colleague of mine emailed me and asked, "What do you have for teaching contractions that's fun?" I knew that I didn't have any resources for contractions, but I had an idea within a minute! Would the image of a child kicking a board apart in taekwondo help students better understand the concept of contractions? I truly thought it would, so I decided to create some contraction printables that I could send to my colleague. One of the things I created was a Concentration game freebie (see below)!

Obviously contractions have been on my mind this past week, so of course I created an anchor chart to share with you!
Contractions Anchor Chart (not just for early elementary!) This blog post contains TWO FREE games! by Crafting Connections!

Have you ever finished an anchor chart and realized that you didn't like the way you worded something? That happened to me this time. I do not like that "Remember" sentence. I wish I would have written "Some contractions can represent multiple things. Read the entire sentence to identify the meaning."

I created some advanced FREE contraction concentration game cards that address this very skill.  Please download them if you think your students will benefit from them.

Contraction Concentration- a FREE game! This advanced version of the game was designed for upper elementary students.

I know those are way too hard for some students, so I also created this easier, more basic FREE contraction concentration game for those of you who work with younger students.

Contraction Concentration- a FREE game!

If you are looking for additional materials to use with your students, check out my TpT store!

Contractions Craftivity- includes two versions for multiple grade levels!
Students love this craftivity!

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  1. What a great visual with the "karate" kids kicking the letters out! I am working on conventions too - but mainly sentence endings!

    Mrs. Spangler in the Middle

  2. Awesome idea! It drives me nuts when kids read contractions wrong, and can never seem to find the right spot for the apostrophe when they write!
    Thriving in 3rd
    L. Paull Designs for All

  3. As I read your post I was thinking of a special third grader I work with. Your freebies will be a fun way for her to practice! Thanks for sharing, Deb!


  4. Ohh! I just found your blog and discovered this linky for the very first time! I absolutely love anchor charts and can't wait to link up!! :)
    Teaching in Paradise

  5. Thank you for sharing your contraction game! I think my students will love it during remote learning! Be well and take care!



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