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Guided Reading Lesson Plans... Two More FREEBIES!

Friday, September 12, 2014
A couple of Fridays ago, I posted a set of Because of Winn-Dixie lesson plans I had written (go here to read that post and download the plans), and I asked readers to comment if they thought they might be able to use more lesson plans like this.  A few people responded that they would like to see more!  So this week, I am posting a couple more.  They aren't fancy- they are simply real-teaching Word-document lesson plans that I wrote for my students.  They will likely need to be tweaked to meet the needs of your students and your school district's expectations, but at least they might give you a starting point in terms of questions and vocabulary words to highlight for each chapter!  Feel free to download them if you can use them!

This week I chose an upper level book and a lower level book.  The The Get Rich Quick Club  is a fun, quick read by Dan Gutman.  According to the Scholastic website, it is a Level U book.  I read this multiple times with fourth and fifth grade groups, and I enjoyed it every time!  It was a quick read (128 pages) and the chapters are short, which is a treat for students at this reading level- most U books are quite long!  If your reading teachers are looking for upper level books to order for your school, I highly recommend this one! (Amazon affiliate links follow.)
Click HERE to read a summary.
FREE guided reading lesson plans written for the book The Get Rich Quick Club!
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Click HERE for the WORD version.
Click HERE for the PDF version.

The other lesson plans I am posting are for the book I, Amber Brown by Paula Danzinger.  According to Scholastic, this book is a Guided Reading Level N book.  I read this last year with a fifth grade ELL student whom I worked with 1-on-1.  My plans were written for us to read 1 chapter a day.  If you are reading this book with a typical reading group, you might be able to progress through the book more quickly, but I had to spend a fairly significant amount of time discussing cultural things in the book, introducing vocabulary, and checking for understanding.
Click HERE to read a summary.
FREE guided reading lesson plans written for the book I, Amber Brown!
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Click HERE for the WORD version.
Click HERE for the PDF version.
Feel free to ask about a particular book title in the comments section or email me.  (If you think you might be a no reply blogger, either check back to see my reply or provide your email address.)  I know it's probably a long shot that I have the plans you need, but if I do have lesson plans written for that particular book, I would be happy to send them to you!  Like I said in my previous post, these plans are just sitting on my computer "gathering dust"!  

(If you'd like to see the other free guided reading lesson plans I have available, click on the links below.)
Shiloh (Level R)
Flat Stanley (Level M)


  1. Deb, you're so sweet! How nice of you to share these. :) I'm going to download and see how I can add them to my book lists for guided groups! Hope you're having a great week!
    Mrs. Bentin's Blackboard

  2. I LOVE ALL YOUR PRODUCTS! Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us!

  3. What a treasure! Thanks for sharing!


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