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Synonyms & Antonyms Anchor Chart... with a freebie!

Monday, August 25, 2014
Today's anchor chart focuses on synonyms and antonyms
Synonyms and Antonyms Anchor Chart
As an ELL teacher for grades 3-5, I created this anchor chart as part of a third grade lesson. However, I observed my fourth and fifth grade students referring to it regularly, as well. This seems to be a concept that some students understand immediately, and others struggle to grasp.

When I introduce this anchor chart, it looks like this before the lesson:
Synonyms and Antonyms Anchor Chart- create the rest of the chart with your students!

We start with the Synonym side of the anchor chart, and I point all of the mnemonic devices I tried to include- that "Synonyms" and "Same" are both colored the same color and they both begin with 'S', and that if you remember that all cinnamon rolls look nearly the same, it will help you remember that synonyms are words that mean nearly the same thing. Then, I have students help me decide what words we should write to create the synonym pair.  They quickly discover that most words have more than one synonym (pretty, lovely, beautiful), but I only write one of their suggestions on the chart so that it does not become too overwhelming.

Next, we move on to the antonym side of the Anchor chart, and I point out the various mnemonic devices I devised for this side- that "Antonyms" and "Opposite" are written in different colors, that the different colored ants are moving in opposite directions, etc.  When we get to the word "older", they realize that "newer" is an antonym, but "younger" can be an antonym, as well! When this happens, I quickly point out that we need to look at the context of the sentence, and write some example sentences on the board:
My older brother is twelve years old, while my ______ brother is two years old.
I have an older copy of the book. I think yours is a ________ edition.

After the anchor chart has been completed, I have students make a matching interactive notebook entry. Students match their interactive notebook page to the anchor chart by using only blue for the synonym page, and alternating green and red for the antonym page:
FREE Synonyms and Antonyms Interactive Notebook Entry! This blog post contains the materials to make a matching synonyms and antonyms anchor chart, as well!

You can download the materials to make the anchor chart AND the interactive notebook entry for FREE by clicking on the image above:

Feel free to check out my matching activities. As you can see, I have created printable versions and digital versions of these activities. Click on an image to take a closer look at it!

Synonym Rolls CraftivityCheck out this digital version of my synonym craftivity!

Keep your students engaged with this antonym craftivity!  Check out this digital version of my antonym craftivity!

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