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Anchors Away Monday: Comparatives and Superlatives

Monday, June 16, 2014
Hi everyone!  This is a two-part post!  It's time for another installment of...

If you missed last week's post, check it out HERE!

Here's the anchor chart I am sharing this week!

The "teeter-totter" rule (for comparatives) and "best ribbon" rule (for superlatives) really seemed to help my lower level ELLs remember when to use each suffix.  If you look carefully (it is rather small), you will notice that I also wrote "is _____er than" on the teeter totter.  This is SUCH a difficult sentence structure for even intermediate and early-advanced ELL's.  There were times when students were writing independently that I spotted students checking the anchor chart for this sentence frame specifically!


  1. I NEED to come to your classroom and take snapshots of all your GREAT anchor charts! Seriously, yours are THE BEST! BETTER than mine, for sure! I could use the snapshots in the notebook or frames that I use to organize my charts:)

    Have a wonderful week, sweet bloggy friend!

  2. Love your letter, Deb! Since you're one of the few Iowa bloggers I know, maybe we'll have to plan a meet-up sometime ;) Fort Dodge or Des Moines might be a good mid-way point...

  3. Your letter is wonderful! Thank you for sharing your insight and reminding me again, that balancing everything appears to be the norm for teachers!
    Love your anchor chart as well. I keep pinning and liking the posts, and as the end of July nears I know that I will be going back to review the great ideas!

  4. I agree, your letter is wonderful. Your letter expresses some of the same thoughts and feelings that I have been going through. Thanks so much for a fun linky!

  5. I loved your letter! The blogging world is so supportive and I'm glad to be part of yours!!
    A Tall Drink of Water

  6. Thank you, everyone for the support and encouragement! This is exactly what I mean by a supportive community! I could have written a 3 page note!!!

  7. I too felt a connection to your letter as I strive for balance & sometimes stress over feedback! :)

  8. Balance is so key and yet so elusive to me too, but I keep trying to head that way! Great chart and a beautiful letter! Thanks for sharing!


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