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FREE Guided Reading Lesson Plans... Chocolate Covered Ants

Friday, April 15, 2016

I dug out and dusted off another set of guided reading lesson plans that I wrote a few years back! Again, these aren't fancy, but they are detailed lesson plans that I wrote when I was reading the book Chocolate Covered Ants by Stephen Manes with a small group of fourth grade students. If you happen to have multiple copies of this Level Q book available, I'd love to be able to share these lesson plans with you, and save you from having to write your own plans. I remember all too well how time-consuming it was to write guided reading lesson plans each week for my eight reading groups!

My students and I really enjoyed this humorous realistic fiction book. In this book, Adam gets an ant farm for his birthday. While waiting for the ants to arrive in the mail, Adam's older brother, Max, gets involved. Like many older brothers, Max seems to enjoy tormenting Alex. Eventually, a bet involving chocolate-covered ants is made, and Max tricks Alex into eating some on his ice cream. 

If you have a Level Q guided reading group and access to multiple copies of this book, feel free to click on the image and download the PDF version of the lesson plans!

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