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Anchors Away Monday: Revising and Editing

Monday, November 24, 2014
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Today I want to highlight an anchor chart I found on Pinterest that I absolutely adore! I did not make this anchor chart!  I am so disappointed that I have no idea who to credit for this anchor chart.  When I click on the image in Pinterest, it's a "dead pin", not linked to a blog or anything else.  (Please, if you know who should receive credit for this amazing anchor chart, contact me or leave a comment.)

Isn't this soooo clever?!  I love how the author highlights the differences between revising and editing by making the connection between fixes(editing) and updates(revisions) that need to be made in a house!  This is definitely an anchor chart that I plan to replicate in the future in my own classroom!

I look forward to seeing your anchor charts this week!


  1. What a PERFECT way to help students distinguish between revising and editing! Now why couldn't I have thought of that? So glad that you found this anchor chart and shared it!


  2. That is a great way to show the difference between revising and editing! I will definitely have to make that one! :)

    Mrs. Spangler in the Middle


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